Teeth Extractions: Post Care Do’s And Don’ts


Having removed one or two teeth after dental surgery, naturally you would want to avoid doing anything that will affect your wounds from recovering quickly or completely without harm, ensuring that the process would proceed smoothly. There are quite a number of things you should do, and things you should avoid doing. Here are some do’s and don’ts after teeth extractions.


You may still feel some level of discomfort in the area in the first few days right after an extraction, but that is completely normal. If you are unable to withstand the pain which is becoming a little more bothersome, you can start taking painkillers prescribed from your dentist to help ease the pain and help you relax.

Stress from the pain you are getting is not good in the recovery process. However, do avoid from taking just any over the counter painkillers you can find. Consult your doctor and check with him/her what kind of painkillers you can take to help ease your discomfort. This is extremely important as such medication are not universal solutions or suitable for everyone.

Painkillers can harm you just as much as they would be able to help you. For example, there are certain painkillers that asthmatic people are allergic to. If the medication you have received, still makes you feel pain after consumption, check back with your doctor again to ask for a stronger one or a revised prescription if necessary.

Prolonged numbness after about 6 hours or later is not normal unless it is expected and your doctor have informed you about it! If you still feel numb after the estimated duration, immediately consult with your doctor again for further action. Sometimes if there is still time left before your consultation period ends, your doctor may be able to inject some steroids into the extraction site that help eases the pain, and also prevent swelling and ensure a fast recovery.

Keep firm pressure on the gauze pad. Your dentist should have provided you enough gauze pads to last at least 24 hours. Change the existing gauze pad about every half an hour, depending on the amount of bleeding.

Minimal amount of bleeding after extraction is completely normal, so don’t freak out. If the gauze pads don’t stop the bleeding, you may try using a moist tea bag and fold it thick enough to bite and firmly hold it in your mouth over the extraction area for the same amount of time. The acid in black tea helps stop the bleeding. If you bleed more heavily than is to be expected, contact your dentist immediately.


Patients are strongly advised to not exercise for at least 24 hours immediately after tooth extraction. Also, avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activities for 3 days as it is not advised to bend down because it can cause the wound to open up and even bleed. When going to bed, stack up a couple of pillows to keep your head elevated at all times.

Do not eat or drink hot beverages. You will be required to go easy to ease the initial pain for the first few hours, you may accidentally burn your mouth or worse, over at the area of extraction. This strongly worsens the condition of the wound and will take longer for the wound to fully recover.

For alcoholics, the temptation may be high but do avoid drinking for at least 24 hours right after the surgery. Alcohol delays the recovery process by a significant amount so it is strongly discouraged.