Would You Believe It If Your Dentist Told You This?


A dentist is a medical professional who specializes with teeth. Most children and a good percentage of adults fear dentists and they would rather stay in school or at work than skip a day owing to an appointment with the dentist. However, these days, people are beginning to look at dentists in a different light, since these professionals really know how to talk to their patients and make them feel good, but the pain is still the same.

There are however some things that dentists would tell a person, and he or she would find it hard to believe. Here are a few statements that most people find unbelievable:

“Chew gum everyday”

I can almost see the reaction on your face. Most people know that the dentists are against everything nice and sweet, so why would dentists advise people to chew their favourite gum on a regular basis. Well, the explanation is quite interesting. Most chewing gums are made using a substance called xylitol, which is used instead of the normal sugar. The substance changes the mouth’s chemistry, such that if an individual was to chew around seven pieces of gum containing this substance, then he or she would never suffer from cavities.

“That smile won’t look good on you”

This is especially something that you would not expect from a cosmetic dentist. Some think to themselves “i am paying you to make me look like that” and unfortunately they let their thoughts out of their mouths. Just because you love how a celebrity smiles, and you see as if you would look great in that smile, does not mean that you will look half as good. People have different facial structures, and everyone’s dental structure has a particular way that it should appear. If a cosmetic dentist advises you against something, trust him or her and move on.

“People will notice your smile more than they will notice your hair”

This must be a shocker, especially for the ladies, but some people out there think that that is true. The eyes are hands down the first thing that people see and remember about a person that they just met, but coming in at number two is the teeth. This means that some of the ladies have it wrong when they pay so much attention to their hair, and they spend so much money in salons, while avoiding the dentist at all costs. If you want to get people’s attention, try taking as much care of your teeth and smile as you would your hair.

“No, those are not your mother’s soft teeth”

People always have an explanation as to why their teeth are so full of decay, with most of them blaming their parents for it. Yes, genetics did have a part to play when forming your teeth, but how well you take care of your teeth will determine just how cavity free your teeth will be. Stop blaming other people for your teeth problems; they already have enough on their plate if they have teeth full of cavity.