Get Your Customized Sports Guard From Bathurst-Dupont Dental!

In sports, there is always that danger of someone’s teeth getting knocked off. That is why there are a lot of athletes these days that have some missing teeth. But even with that danger, one should never stop himself from enjoying the sport he loves. It is a good thing that there are sports guards. Athletic sports guards can protect the teeth as well as the gums from getting injured during sports matches.

How sports guards protect


What is the use of sports guards? These are more than just oral accessories which are available in a number of colors. Of course, these sports guards keep the teeth in place. But it does more than that. It acts as a buffer between the teeth and the lips. Thus, lacerations and bruises are avoided. These mouth guards also absorb a lot of shock and that is why they prevent serious dental injuries as well as neck injuries. Also, a lot of people do not realize that sports guards have a psychological effect to the wearer. It somehow gives the athlete more confidence especially since he relies on the sports guards to keep him safe from injuries.

Sports where sports guards are ideal

Sports guards do not have to be worn for all sports. This is because there are sports that do not really put one’s teeth in danger. Nevertheless, those who play the following sports really have to consider wearing sports guards:

• American Football – Football is such a very rough and dangerous sport that President Grover Cleveland banned it during his term. Football players usually suffer from torn ligaments, broken bones, and concussions that sometimes cause paralysis. Of course, there is the chance of losing teeth.

• Soccer – Athletes can also lose their teeth in soccer especially since they are not wearing any helmet at all unlike in American football. What is funny is that some soccer players do not lose their teeth while playing the game but actually from scuffles with their opponents.

• Basketball – Seldom do basketball players wear sports guards. It might be because they think that wearing one would not make them look cool. However, dental injuries can still be sustained when playing basketball especially during the last minutes of the fourth quarter when the game is very tough.

• Boxing – Boxing is definitely a sport where one has to wear sports guards. The same is applicable for both amateur and professional competitions. The opponent will be targeting various parts of the body and this includes the face. Thus, one’s teeth are always at risk of getting knocked out off their positions.

The different types of sports guards

Sports guards come in different types. There are the stock guards which are the ones sold in huge amounts in sports stores. They are the least preferred type. There is also the boil-and-bite type where one boils it before he wears it. It provides better fit than the stock guard. Of course, there is the customized type that one can get from a dentist. Not only does it fit perfectly but it offers the best protection from injuries. Get your customized sports guard from Bathurst-Dupont Dental!