Oral bliss

The dictionary defines a dentist as someone who is trained and licensed to practice general dentistry, orthodontics or dental surgery. They are equipped to deal with all problems related to oral care from removing tooth decay, straightening teeth, performing corrective surgery, teeth clean up etc. Oral care is extremely important for the good health of an individual since oral care leads to fresh breath and self confidence. It is recommended to brush teeth twice a day to remove the germs and plaque that accumulates on it. However tartar is another issue which can be removed only by a dentist. If teeth are not cleaned regularly, it could lead to tooth and gum decay.

When an individual suffers from a toothache, visiting a dentist helps in determining the cause. Not all toothaches occur due to decay, there are many other reasons for that such as sensitive gums, teeth, and inflammation as well as tartar build-up. Tooth abscess is a decay that starts to form in the region of a tooth or in its cavity. This can only be diagnosed by a dentist through an x-ray. Regular visits to the doctor can also help in the early detection of cancer with frequent oral check-ups.