Do You Need Help In Managing Dental Emergencies?

Although we take good care of our teeth to avoid dental problems, we do know that accidents can and do happen and this is no exception when it comes to your teeth. One can break their teeth as a result of an accident and dental pain is one of the many reasons why people see dentists. Today, dentists have a wide range of options for dealing with dental emergencies, so there is no need for worry. But before you see consult the dentist, there are a few procedures that you can undertake to save your tooth or that of your loved one. The following tips will help you in case of such emergencies:

Toothache dental emergency

When your teeth start paining, rinse your mouth with warm water; this will give you temporary relief especially if you have gum problems. And floss around the teeth to get rid of food particles that are stuck in between your teeth. Also, take a pain relieving drug to relieve the pain. Some people do place aspirin under the gum; this is wrong as it will result in aspirin burns. Call your dentist because this could be as a result of several dental problems.

Broken tooth emergency

Sometimes, a restored tooth gets weaker and chips of along with the filling thus leading to severe pain. If this happens, take some pain killers and visit a dentist immediately. You can also apply a cold compress to minimize swelling of the structure.

Broken jaw dental emergency

Accidents lead to jaw fractures and it calls for immediate dental emergency. Before you get assistance, you can apply a cold pressure on the affected area to stop bleeding and swelling.

Lost filling dental emergency

Stick small pieces of sugarless gum into your cavity. Avoid sugar-filled gums because they will cause more pain. The reason why sugarless gum is stuck into the cavity is to ensure that the dental nerves or dental tubules are not exposed and do not come in contact with air (it can get extremely painful). See your dentist as soon as you can.

Lip or bitten tongue emergency

It is also likely that someone bites their lips or tongue and if this happens, gently wipe that area with a clean cloth and apply a cold compress to minimize swelling and bleeding. If it was a dip bite, see a doctor.

Something caught between your teeth

Use dental floss or a wooden toothpick to remove the obstacle. Do it gently to ensure that you do not prick the gum tissue. Never use a sharp object when removing the obstacle.

Knocked out tooth

Your tooth might come out completely, if this happens, rinse it off gently to ensure it is clean but watch out to not damage the surrounding tissues. You do not want the tooth to go down the drain, so place a towel in the sink. If possible, place the tooth back to the socket or in the mouth so that it comes in contact with saliva. Otherwise, place it in a small container; you will take the tooth with you to your dentist.

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