Are Home Teeth-Whitening Kits As Good As Professional Whitening?

Sales of home teeth whitening kits have shot up in recent years, especially amongst young men. The rising popularity of boy bands like One Direction probably has something to do with this trend; some journalists have called it ‘the Harry-Styles-effect’. As you’re probably aware, home whitening kits are offering consumers the chance to try and do something that a cosmetic dentist is trained to do. Does this sound like a good idea? Well, the price of some home kits are the same as you would pay a trained dentist for treatment. It’s worth knowing what the kits are and whether they can achieve the results you are looking for before deciding whether to try them.

Set Realistic Expectations

Our qualified dentists have years of experience and if you call us today for a no-obligation quote, you may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable whitening can be. The main problem with kits is that there’s no proper exam to assess whether you are a candidate for whitening. We give all our patients a free exam to discuss whether they will benefit from whitening. A common problem is that people see photos of celebrities and expect too much from whitening. It’s no substitute for proper brushing, flossing and using mouthwash and it won’t address the shape or position of your teeth. The perfect Hollywood smile that many celebrities sport are actually veneers attached to the front of their real teeth, it’s not just down to whitening.

Kits Claim To Be For Everyone But Usually Aren’t

Only a proper exam from a qualified dentist will get to the real reason why your teeth are discolored. No home kit will provide this. It’s hard for kits to give proper advice; their products are effective at whitening but they won’t know what shade your teeth are and what the original shade was, or what caused the discoloration. A dentist will advise you that underlying cavities should be addressed after the whitening as fillings won’t whiten during the whitening procedure.

How Do Home Kits Work?

They work in the same way as our most popular whitening service which uses bleaching trays. Home kits have generically-shaped mouth trays that you put the whitening solution into and hold over your teeth. There is a lot of similarity here as we too provide trays that you can take home and use by yourself. Just like home kits, our whitening service involves whitening gel and then toothpaste. Regular use will yield results.

Are Home Kits As Effective As Professional Whitening?

Get your teeth whitened with us and you’ll get customized trays, expertly fabricated to the exact contours of your teeth. These are far more effective than the trays in home whitening kits as they hold the whitening gel in contact with your teeth and dramatically improve the end result. Our customized trays are adjusted for a perfect fit and are yours to keep and use indefinitely. This is perfect for when you want to whiten your teeth in the future. Home kits won’t have trays with the same perfect fit, nor will they last as long. Call us today and we can discuss your whitening needs!