Home Remedies for Dealing with a Toothache

Everyone has had to suffer the nasty pain and inconvenience of a toothache at least once in our lifetime. The most obvious solution of course is to visit a dentist. However, dentists do not operate 24/7. What if you are stuck in the middle of the night with a bad toothache? Here are some home remedies that should help you deal with the pain:
Brush your teeth thoroughly with a generous amount of toothpaste. If brushing causes a bit of pain, then go easy with the toothbrush over the affected area.

Oil of clove is the perfect natural anesthetic for a toothache. Put a few drops of clove oil over the part of the gum that hurts. You can also soak some clove oil in a cotton ball and place it in your mouth, around the area that aches. This will provide relief over a longer period of time. Clove oil can be found at any standard 24/7 pharmacy or supermarket.

Sometimes, you may not have clove oil stocked in your house and do not have a 24/7 pharmacy or supermarket nearby. In such cases, you must make do with items normally found around the house. Thankfully, all you need is some salt and water. Rinsing with a hot water and salt solution numbs the mouth. It will not provide as much relief as clove oil, but it will significantly dull the pain.

None of these remedies, no matter how good they are, substitute for the fact that you need to see a dentist. Visit a walk-in dental clinic as soon as you can.