Dental Knowledge: 7 Common Causes Of Stained Teeth

Our teeth are naturally white in color. We are born with white teeth. But at some point in life, teeth get stained. Soon, you find yourself not being to smile frequently because you are too shy for others to see your teeth. Here are some of the most common causes of stained teeth:

• Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Adults, especially those who have to be awake and active for work, love to consume coffee. But coffee, especially black coffee, can leave stains on the teeth.

• Tea

Tea is a healthy drink that people could not just get rid of. For most people, especially in certain parts of Great Britain, tea has become a part of their daily life. Tea is also very healthy and that is why people could not stop drinking it. Tea lovers could always avoid dark colored teas like black Tea, Earl Grey, and English breakfast, to avoid having stained teeth.

• Soda

Soda is never a good drink for those who want great teeth. It is both sugary and acidic and that is why it is very bad for the teeth. People who love to drink soda are usually the ones who end up having stained teeth.

• Red wine

People who have red or purple stained teeth are most likely wine loves. Red wine usually leaves marks on the teeth. These marks are very hard to get rid of. Most of the time, brushing alone will not work. Stains caused by red wine have to be dealt with by a dentist.

• Smoking

Another culprit to be blamed for stained teeth is smoking. Not only does smoking cause yellow teeth because of nicotine and additives. It could also cause bad breath and increase the buildup of tartar. Generally, smoking is bad for one’s health and that is why it would be best if this habit is avoided.

• Aging

As people grow older, they realize that their teeth lose its whiteness. Stains could also be caused by aging. If such is the case, dental cleanings will not get rid of the stains. Patients would most likely be advised to get porcelain veneers so that their stained teeth could be concealed.

• Medicine

There are certain medicines that can cause the teeth to get discolored. Those who have to take such medicines have the dilemma of stained teeth. Like older people who are suffering from internal teeth discoloration, they would have to get veneers.

We offer whitening services

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