Say Cheese To A Natural And Healthier White Smile!


Shiny, bright set of teeth are all part of the latest trend and fashion right now. No matter where you go, people tend to prefer to have a whiter set of teeth, being in the center of attention for a lovely smile. However, the maintenance for glistening white teeth may become tougher over time. Hence, more effort will have to be put in to maintain whiter teeth. You can make teeth whitening maintenance appointments with your dentist every now and then, but you can also do your part for caring for yourself so that the trips down for your regular checkups will produce the best results. Here are some useful tips to help you with that.

Baking soda, or simply use a prescribed formula

One of the commonly discussed ways to maintain shiny, white teeth is by using baking soda. Mix baking soda in a small cup with half a teaspoon of water. Stir the mixture to form a paste. Get out a clean toothbrush, and dip it into the mixture. Pick up as much of the mixture as you would with toothpaste every morning.

Next, brush your teeth as per normal. Since baking soda is very concentrated, restrain from brushing your teeth for more than two minutes. Also, do take note that the taste of the baking soda is very strong. After brushing, rinse your mouth thoroughly, preferably with a mouthwash, and spit out the baking soda.

One thing to take note, do not go through this process every day. It is strongly recommended that you use the baking soda method every other day for a few weeks. After the second week, check out your teeth in front of a mirror and see if there is any difference. You should notice that your teeth have become significantly whiter. But you may just want to settle for the items that you have been given for a peace of mind.

Beware of what you eat

Another method of maintaining glistening white teeth is to eat crunchy food. Sticky food like caramel and gums are one of the causes of decay, if dental cleanliness is left neglected. Sugars and chemicals that cause stains and cavities will be removed by crunchy food. Some examples of crunchy food are apples, cucumbers and broccoli.

Apples are very good for your teeth. They contain substances that are normally used in teeth whitening products. Recent studies also show that cheese and cheesy products are very good for our teeth as they help prevent tooth decay and build strong enamel. Examples of these products are milk and yogurt. These products are also high in calcium which keeps your teeth strong and healthy.

Straws for your drinks

Some changes in habits can also go a long way in helping you maintain the health of your teeth. For example, try drinking through a straw. Direct contact increases the risk of mild corrosive effects from acidic or soda drinks. By reducing exposed contact to such chemicals with a straw, you can help keep your teeth protected in the long run. How straws help in maintaining teeth, is that they prevent stains caused from such drinks to come in direct contact with your teeth. This helps prevent tooth decay and cavities.