7 Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Dental Extraction

Most adults think that fear of dental surgery is something that only kids experience. But that is not the case. There are still a lot of adults, even very huge and muscular ones, who have a fear of undergoing dental extraction. You might be one of those who share the same fear. That is okay. It is not a surprise why a lot of people fear dental surgery. The sharp needles, the pulling, and the pain that one can almost feel even while you are not at the dentist chair – these might be troubling a patient’s mind.


But dental extraction is important especially if some teeth place one’s dental health in danger. If you are to undergo dental extraction soon, here are some tips that you might want to check out:

• Talk to a psychologist – Fear is something that can be dealt with through psychotherapy. A psychologist can talk to you, find the reasons causing the fear, and help you overcome them. But if you think that this would be a very big step for you, consider the other factors in this list.

• Listen to music – Music can definitely give relief and comfort. If you are very nervous, listening to classical or any other types of soothing music can help ease your anxiety. Or you might want to listen to rock or heavy metal like what some people do. Upbeat music sometimes help one be more confident.

• Get motivated – You can always motivate yourself that you will be able to successfully go through the dental extraction process. To help you with your motivation, you can always read a good inspirational book or even watch a good movie.

• Do some breathing exercises – Breathing exercises can really help you relax and be ready for the dental chair. Stay at a nice spot and set yourself in a comfortable position. Do some heavy breathing and exhale very slowly. Your mind will be able to get rid of all the worries.

• Use a stress ball – If you are getting fidgety, you might want to channel your stress to something like a stress ball. Bring a stress ball with you to the dental clinic. Use it as often as you need to. It can really help a lot in easing you up.

• Bring a friend or family – Moral support from a special friend or a family member can also be helpful for you. Sometimes, knowing that someone is out there cheering for you can give you the peace of mind that you have been looking for.

• Find a good dentist – Another tip in order for you to overcome your fear of dental extraction is to look for a good dentist. If you are confident on your dentist – that he has the best experience and that he will do the best for you, you will easily undergo teeth extraction.

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